Outselling Your Competition with Brian Tracy

Outselling Your Competition with Brian Tracy

In this powerful sales training video recorded in front of a live audience, you’ll learn sales skills that will take your career to the next level.

Sales training legend Brian Tracy gives you a series of practical, proven closing sales techniques you can use immediately to increase productivity. You’ll learn prospecting skills, overcoming call reluctance, getting more qualified appointments, building long-term relationships, and closing the sale. You’ll also learn how to get and stay motivated to reach your important sales goals, all year long.


Sunday I’ll.

Nothing works first time.
When you try something new.
It probably won’t work.
When you try something new several times it probably won’t work.
The turning point in my life came when I would hear good ideas.
I was so eager to be successful sight have a run out.

If you try only two things can happen…
what other succeed or fail.
If you succeed you do more often.
If you fail you lean from it.
Get smarter and try to get.


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